20-22 November


2019 is a year of transformation and renewal, at European level but also for cities. Where better to hold our annual conference than in Prague, where old meets new and the challenges of transforming a city can be directly experienced.

Prague has always been considered as a city at many crossroads. Today, leaders of all cities are looking to manage the transition to future fit, sustainable and inclusive cities and a Europe that reflects our societies. The EUROCITIES annual conference in Prague under the title of ‘cities at a crossroads’ will reflect on the new political landscape at EU level, as well as the changing landscapes in our own cities. How can we retain genuine urban life within the historic cores of modern European cities, and how can we bring back city life and find new purpose for old municipal or industrial sites that no longer serve their original purposes? Sharing knowledge and experiences will be highly inspirational for participants from cities dealing with similar issues.

In this year of transformation – at European level, for EUROCITIES, and in cities themselves – we would like to encourage entries to our call for awards that reflect the work you are doing in transforming your cities. Cities are undertaking physical transformation projects to meet challenges such as re-industrialisation, mobility or preserving their cultural heritage. But change also has an effect on society that needs to be reflected. Urban renewal affects not only the physical sphere but also the communities living these changes. Social innovation and urban renewal go hand in hand, a city transformation that builds inclusive and cohesive communities for the benefit of people.

The EUROCITIES awards recognise outstanding achievement by members in the delivery of local activities or practices that improve the quality of life of their citizens. This year, we invite entries in the categories cooperation, innovation and participation:

  • Cooperation in physical transformation
    We are looking for projects on redevelopment, e.g. of city districts, strategic projects on the conversion of industrial areas or brownfields, or the reuse of industrial buildings, where city departments, industry and other stakeholders work together on masterplans of transformation.
  • Innovation for social transformation
    We are looking for projects that are changing the fabric of our cities, be this through facing up to the challenges of gentrification and providing affordable housing, integrating migrants into communities, or tackling inequalities, urban poverty and homelessness.
  • Participation to preserve our heritage
    We are looking for projects that manage our cultural heritage by thoughtful repurposing of historic buildings for the community, or projects reaching out to residents in areas that are focus areas for tourists.